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This has been published in 1998 for the first time. The first edition was rather small and Dutch only. Soon there were more additions and also the English version was added. All this lead to the site you can find on the web at www.volga.nl today. At all times the most important issue was to provide information about the GAZ M21/M22 series as complete as possible. Doing so the aim was to give a neutral comment on al things related to these in a way unique cars. When compiling this site I made use of historical material as much as possible: (technical)books, brochures, magazines and old pictures.

Next to these sources I used information found on other websites, encyclopedia and the GAZ Works website. Also some unique material was received by talking to people who actually drove/sold/repaired Volga's during the fifties and sixties. I spoke to old taxidrivers, former Volga dealers and people that work(ed) at Gremi (Dutch Volga import) and Scaldia - Volga (Belgium Volga import). All this information together made this most complete non-Russian website on the world wide web. This website will be "under construction" forever. So, if you have any information that can be useful, or brochures, stories, pictures or anything at all that can help to maintain this site as the largest non-Russian Volga website, feel free to make you contribution. As a native Dutch speaker it not always easy to translate all text in proper English. Anybody who wants to make corrections is welcome, but I kindly ask you to correct complete pages at ones and mail them to the email adress below. There is still quite a large amount of text waiting to be translated, any help with the translation of complete pages is also welcome.

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