The story of a Volga

In 1999 I met a Dutch engineer that had worked for some time in Lithounia. During his free time in Lithounia he searched for a good Volga M21. After he saw a lot of Volga's that not meet his standards, he found a white 1968 GAZ M21 YC Volga.

During 1998 the car was reconditioned in Lithounia. The car also recieved a fresh paintcoat. The former owner in Lithounia was an older man. This man always took good care of his Volga and car was completely origanal. The new Dutch owner made only one "non-original" change, he mounted a "Volga deer" on the hood.

After the car was finished the car was driven to the Netherlands and fitted with "western tyres" and after a stop at the RDW (Dutch car inspection department) the car recieved a Dutch registration.

The proud new owner makes some trips and decides to sell the Volga. A new owner was quickly found, and the car was sold.

The new did not had garage, so the car was parked a the street. Soon minor problems accourred and the overall condition of the car dropped. After some new problems and lack of time to fix the car, the Volga ended up on a secured place in the middle of a big city. Still parked outside.

At this time (end 2003) I discovered the car again and decided to buy it. The car didn't drive anymore, so the car had to be transported. A home we discovered that the "damage" was not so worse at all. The paint was braking up at some point, the brakesysteem had to be replaced completely, but the car was in an overall resonable condition. All problems were fixed (it took me several months...) and the car is on the road again!!!

But there is one new problem, when ever I like to drive in a Volga I have to choose now, will I take the green one or the white one today..........

In the summer of 2004 is the car ready for the road and used on regulary base for short trips.
The Volga is also used as a wedding car
The Volga is also used for family trips, but the desicion to put a stop on active promotion of my Volga's as wedding cars makes me decide to sell the car.
The car is put for sale and many people respond. There are also some Geman replies. One guy is very serious, takes the the train from Berlin to the Netherlands and after a test drive decides to sell the car on the spot.
The new owners just before the left for Berlin. The people are dedicated Volga enthousiast and I am happy that the car will be in good hands.

In the summer of 2006 I met the Volga again. This time at the OMMMA in Magdeburg (Germany). The car passed the dificult German TUV and is registrated for normal use on the road.

I hope the car will have many years to come!