Volga interior 

Here you will find pictures of the different GAZ M21 "Volga" interiors. The first two pictures are of the prototypes, notice the immense row of instruments underneath the dashboard, probably fitted for testing the vehicle. The next six pictures are from the first production series (until +/- 1960). Notice the radio. The last pictures are from the interior as it was fitted until the end of the production. During this period the interior hardly changes.
The first type dashboard used for the prototypes is in many ways different from the actual production models. The first dashboards were made of plastic, rather unusual during that time. Notice the standard tube radio.
Another picture of the prototypes dashboard. Notice the row instruments used for testing the new engines. Notice also the steering wheel, the center ring is showing an complete different logo.
The dashboard from the thirst productions series.
The production dashboard were made of all metal material and painted in the color of the car. Notice the speedometer with the typical Volga see trough glass.
The dashboard as shown in brochure from 1958. For the model year '58/'59 a new dashboard was already designed but first all the old dashboard to were already in stock had to be used before the new one could be fitted.
All Volga's have an (semi) electric clock.
The front bench could folded down to create a bed.
The standard tube receiver had two waves until 1966 when a new model became three waves including FM.
There were different combinations of fabric and artificial leather possible. The color of the interior of the Volga was depending of the exterior color.
From 1960 onward the top of the dashboard was equipped with artificial leather.
The loudspeaker is now directly mounted above the radio. This dashboard is also equipped with a special plastic layer (only mark 2 of 3rd Series).
Almost every Volga was equipped with a white steering wheel. Only the tropical model became a black steering wheel, which was better UV resistant.
Last series.
Making a bed.
According to the instruction manual there has to be a sleeping place for four people........
Large boot.
Standard tool set.