Introduction to the public



In 1955 the Volga was introduced to the public at a trail run from Moscow to Crimea and back. The press was very positive about the qualities of the new Volga. The test track was made on the state farm “The way to communism”. The farm was located a little more than ten kilometers from Simferopol. This location was very suitable to test the new Volga under the most hard conditions. The qualities of the new car on the bad roads of the countryside were at those days more important than a smooth ride on a highway.


Everyone is ready for departure
The roadmap
Going through swallow rivers

Several tests were performed. In this stage the old Pobjeba engine was still used.


Two of the Volga’s used during the trail run were equipped with an automatic gearbox. The third car had a 3 stage mechanical transmission. The tests over muddy roads and through shallow creeks went very well. The new Volga passed every test which the Pobjeba passed. The Volga even got on, were the Pobjeba had to stop. Everybody was impressed by the new Volga.


On very bad and muddy roads the Volga showed his possibilities
The press gets the change to take a close look
Also the interior had to be seen
The constructors were happy with the result of their labor
In a line