Central lubrication system

Up to 1960 the M21 was equipped with a central lubrication system attached to the front wheel suspension. For those days the front wheel suspension of a M21 was complex and therefore easy worn. The prevent the suspension from early brake down a driver operated lubrication system was designed. The system existed of a central oil drum, a complex system of hoses to all parts that easily wear and a foot operated oil pump. It appeared to be that the system was not very reliable. Not all parts were equally fed with oil. Although not a main issue at that time, the environment was not pleased by the system. There was a lot of oil spillage. When driving on muddy roads the driver had to operate the system every 100 kilometers, leaving oil on the streets every time.  Greenpeace did not exist a that time…….  Because of the bad performance of the system and the large spillage of oil the system was discontinued. After 1960 the car was equipped with normal grease based components.