The development of the GAZ M21 “Volga” started during November 1953. The first drawings were made by the constructor Alexander Mihajlovich Nevzorov. The factory had the opportunity to start from a blank sheet of paper. The new car had to show the Soviet capacities to build a ......... read on

When making a Volg site like this ones, your unable not to mention the cars which apperently stood model for the Volga. When Lew Emereev was drawing the Volga he must have a good look a some American cars of that time. A most likely model must have been the Ford Custum. Just compare......... read on

Introduction to the public
In 1955 the Volga was introduced to the public at a trail run from Moscow to Crimea and back. The press was very positive about the qualities of the new Volga. The test track was made on the state farm “The way to communism”. The farm was located a little more than ten kilometers from Simferopol. This location was very ................ read on

Rust protection
The GAZ works gave the Volga a very good rust protection. Next to the use of high quality steel a very good protection against rust was applied. After assembling the body was thoroughly cleaned and degreased. After this the complete body was washed in a bath filled with a phosphate solution. After drying the body it went into a bath filled with a special basic ................. read on

Central lubrication system
Up to 1960 the M21 was equipped with a central lubrication system attached to the front wheel suspension. For those days the front wheel suspension of a M21 was complex and therefore easy worn. The prevent the suspension from early brake down a driver operated lubrication system was designed. The system existed of a central oil drum, a complex ................. read on

Automatic gearbox
The automatic gearbox went out of production only after a sort time of production. It was a three stage box. The used technique was too complex to be maintained by the Soviet automobilist. At that time there were almost no service stations available in the Soviet Union. There was a .......... read on

Heroes of the Soviet Union
1961, Gagarin is the first man in space. The first space hero of the Soviet Union was honored by all the people of the Soviet Union. After the flight, Gagarin became an instant, worldwide celebrity, touring widely to promote the Soviet achievement. He proved quite adept at handling the publicity
.............. read on

Beregis Avtomobilya
The GAZ M21 Volga is a real classic and an icon of his era. Back in the sixties the Volga was a well known car on the Soviet roads. Being a part of the normal live during that period, the Volga could be seen in many movies in Russia at that time.
One of these movies is Beregis Avtomobilya. Beregis on

Expo 58

The URSS pavilion at the Universal Exhibition Brussels 58. Together with the American and French the Soviets had the largest pavilion of the Expo.............. read on

Next to the prototypes the M21 series knows three model (production) series. The differences between the series are mostly based on new designed fronts and small details. Technical changes and improvements will come during the production and are not always related to model changes. For example the change ................. read on

M22 Stationwagon
Next to the GAZ M21 Volga the GAZ M22 Volga was lanced. Based on the M21 a good looking estate was created. The rear seats could fold away, making a large space for goods. Many M22's were used as real ................... read on

Here you will find pictures of the different GAZ M21 "Volga" interiors. The first two pictures are of the prototypes, notice the immense row of instruments underneath the dashboard, probably fitted for testing the vehicle. The next six pictures are from the first production series (until +/- 1960). Notice............ read on


Fuel injection
Already during World War II the Russians were testing with fuel injection systems for use with petrol engines. At first the injection systems were meant for use on airplanes. In the late fifties and early sixties the GAZ works did some experiments with an engine equipped with on

Volga models

The M21 was in production from 1956 until 1970 (see M21 page). Below You will find all models from the M21/M22 series. There are seven sections, the prototypes, the series 1, 2, 3 (first release) en 3 (second release), the M22 estate and the M23. At the bottem of this page You will find the production figures from the period 1956 - 1970 ............. read on


Production figures
The production of the GAZ M21 Volga started in 1956 with a small preproduction series from only 5 cars. These five were among other things used to build and test the production plant and the machineries. Starting in 1957 the production reaches his maximum .............. read on

A look inside the GAZ-factory
Here you can see a few picture taken at the GAZ Work during the period
the GAZ M21/M22 Volga was in on

Belgium Volga's
During the sixties the Volga was also assembled in Belgium. This took place at Sobimpex in Brussels. The cars came to the harbour in Antwerp without engine and with the gearbox disassembled in the trunk. At Sobimpex they build in a Perkins Four-99 diesel engine. Later on the Perkins diesel engine was succeeded by a Rover.................. read on



Rally Volga's
The Volga's were widely used as rally cars, both nationale (USSR) as also international (Europe)................ read on


Volga's at work
In for example old travelbooks, brochures and magazine the Volga M21 often occurs on pictures taken at East European cities. But the time has moved on and Volga are no longer typical for the cars you can find on the pictures. Take some time to look at these pictures from the time the GAZ M21 Volga was so common as the GAZ 3110 Volga is today................ read on

In the autumn of 1960 the British car magazine Autocar publiced a roadtest of the Volga M21K................ read on

Even the Russiun knew how to make snappy brochures during the fifties and sixties. Take a look at these four fine examples. Just click on the picture and a PDF file will open (Acrobat 6.0 and higher recommended)


Instruction booklet
With every Volga an instruction booklet included. These booklets explain many details a Volga driver needs to now to drive his car safe and to keep his Volga in good condition. At this spot you can find a booklet in the German language (Betriebsanleitung) here to open the file (PDF)