Rust protection

The GAZ works gave the Volga a very good rust protection. Next to the use of high quality steel a very good protection against rust was applied. After assembling the body was thoroughly cleaned and degreased. After this the complete body was washed in a bath filled with a phosphate solution. After drying the body it went into a bath filled with a special basic dye. The body was turned around in the bath to make sure all spots were equally covered with paint. The procedure was repeated after the first dye was dried. After the basic paint job was completed some sections were covered with a special kind of putty. This putty had to eliminate all kinds of unwanted noise caused by vibrations when driving. The putty had also the task to prevent damage to the paint on the cars bottom caused by sharp objects on the road like little stones. Only after all the described procedures were finished, the car got his final paint job (and color). The steel used to build a Volga was 1,2 mm thick at places essential for the cars structure. The wings were made of 0,9 mm thick steel and the rest was made of 0,6-0,8 mm thick steel.