He wants to be a movie star!

Naslednik is a production of the students of the NFTA (Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie) the Dutch Film and Television Academy.

Naslednik is a graduationfilm directed by Arch Khetagouri. Arch Khetagouri is orginally from Georgia and graduating in 2003 as a movie director at the NFTA in Amsterdam. The origin of the story is lain in the source of Arch Khetagouri. The tale plays in Georgia at the time of the former Sovjet Union. To the movies reliability the starring role player Irakli drives an old Volga M21. My Volga becomes a movie star at his 40th anniversary!

The film is made under the working title "de pijp". It is a short film of just a little bit less than 25 minutes. Beside the director a group of students and a few non-students worked real hard to professionally realize this film.

Take one, take two, take three, take four, take.....
The film was made by a crew consisting as much as possible of students from the NFTA. There are a lot of possible specialisations on the NFTA. They are training camera men, light specialist, production specialist, decoration and art specialist and so on. Because the is not much money to produce such a movie, the film was complete made in the Netherlands in stead of Georgia. Most of the prerecordings, among which also the prerecordings for which my Volga acted, were made in Beek (by Nijmegen). As a site one chose for an edge of the wood with a number of narrow and muddy country paths. It truly looked like the film was made in Georgia. 

The prerecordings were on November 2th and 3th  2002. Unfortunately the paths had changed in mud pits by long rain fall. My Volga imagined himselve indeed to be back in the Sovjet Union. He had to work hard on bad roads with the smell of cheap East block-system 
cigarettes in the interior. Before the prerecordings were finished the Volga had to go up and down the hill many times. Because of the muddy paths it got stuck a lot of times. Luckely there were a lot of students around to help pushing the car from the mud. At the end of day there were a lot of dirty students around....

Five men and a complete battery of equipment and accumulators made sure that the car was heavy on his springs. Beside the actor during some scènes also the cameraman with assistant, the sound man and the light man sat in the car. Yes, acting means hard work, also for a Volga!

A few scènes were played in the car.

Irakli, the starring actor behind the rudder of my Volga. Irakli plays together with his little son in this film. They also come originally from Georgia. 

It brought a lot of stress to shot all Volga scenes with the available daylight in two days. Because the amount of hours daylight were not sufficient a few scènes had to be filmed with counterfeit light. A broken lamp even made it necessary to change the script. Instead of a tale which plays entirely during daylight, the film finishes now at twilight. 

All scènes with the Volga were filmed in two days. It were two very, very, very long days. Now all I can do is hoping that the result will become beautiful. I will not give away the complete story of this film, it will be broadcasted on the Dutch TV, sometime a the end of 2003. The film also will be on display at the NFTA and it will be shown on film festivals everywhere, among them in Georgia. Make sure you're going to watch it! 

The pastures and bunches at Beek had temporarily renamed Georgia for the prerecordings. The weather made sure we had a lot of nice muddy paths. It was a good test for my Volga to see if it really drives as good on muddy roads as they said during testing, back in the fifties. Well, now I can say it really drives perfectly on muddy roads! At the country side the Volga rules!


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