Volga M22

Next to the GAZ M21 Volga the GAZ M22 Volga was lanced. Based on the M21 a good looking estate was created. The rear seats could fold away, making a large space for goods. Many M22's were used as real workhorses, this makes the M22 a hard to find classic.


The picture above is a press photo from Sobimpex (Belgian importer) made in 1963. Probably only few estates were sold in the Benelux. I do not know of there has been estates with a diesel engine.

The introduction of GAZ M22 Volga took place in 1962 as a series 2. The real production started after the introduction of the series 3 in 1963. It is difficult to find information about the M22. In the books and brochure the estate is hardly mentioned. Therefore it is difficult to tell what the different models were. The technique is always identical to the current M21 model at that time.


Special  M22 models

Probably the most important M22 model is the M22D, the ambulance.

Strange is this pickup. Most certainly it is a prototype (every GAZ or Volga sign misses) or a hobby project (more likely).