During World War II

World War II made it absolutely necessary to restructure the GAZ product range and start manufacturing military equipment for the army needs. The GAZ plant designers and engineers urgently developed and prepared for production completely new vehicles, such as GAZ-64 and GAZ-67 cross-county vehicles, some armored vehicles, T-60 and T-79 tanks. Along with the trucks, the plant started production of self-propelled guns, ammunition and other military equipment.

GAZ 64 
GAZ 67 

During world war II GAZ produced:
176,221 motor vehicles;
about 12,000 tanks;
over 9,000 self-propelled guns;
24,000 mortars;
232,000 automobile engines;
30,000 rockets for the "Katyusha" multi-rail rocket-launcher.
GAZ 1.5-ton trucks covered over 40,000,000 km on the "Road of life" in 1941 only. They carried 1.5 million of refugees, 271,000 tons of food products and fodder, 32,000 tons of ammunition and armaments, 35,000 tons of fuels and lubricants, 23,000 tons of coal - 361,000 tons of various cargoes, all in all.
The government highly appraised the work of the GAZ plant employees during the years of the War and awarded the plant with the orders of Lenin, Red Banner and Patriotic War I class.