The beginnings
The motorization of the Soviet Union was established due to a remarkable corporation between Stalin and Henry Ford. This led to the GAZ A, the Pobjeda and in the year 1956 to the Volga.

In 1928 85% of the Russian tractors and lorry's were Fords. By this time Stalin thought it was time to establish an own car industry. Until then only small amounts of lorry's, tractor en cars were produced in the USSR. In 1928 Stalin sent a group of Russians to Ford in Detroit. Result in 1929 ......... read on


During the war
World War II made it absolutely necessary to restructure the GAZ product range and start manufacturing military equipment for the army needs. The GAZ plant designers and engineers urgently developed and prepared for production completely new vehicles, such as GAZ-64 and GAZ-67 cross-county vehicles, some armored vehicles, T-60 and T-79 tanks. Along with the trucks, the plant started production of self-propelled guns, ammunition and ......... read on

Victory and legends, the fifties and sixties
Already during the war a small group of technician lead by Andrei A. Liphart designed the M20 Pobjeda (=Victory). This complete new car was showed for the first time to public in September 1944 and went in to production in 1946. The Pobjeda was designed to the example of the Opel Captain, but had an all metal body without a frame. The Pobjeba recieved a ................ read on

From the 70's until today
The GAZ-24 "Volga" passenger car was developed in the same period and launched into mass production in 1970. The new Volga was characterized by improved aerodynamics, more spacious saloon and boot, a safer structure and better drivability. The "24" had simple, even austere, forms, looked grand and was an embodiment of high quality, prestige and dignity. Its strong body and durable running gear made this vehicle indispensable as a on

End production Volga
On December 7th 2005 Oleg Deripaska, President of the Council of governing board of GAZ, confessed that GAZ in 2006 the production of passenger cars will stop. This news came after the earlier annoucement to definite stop the development of the GAZ 3106 (SUV). The day afterwards Sergey Lugovoj, head of the public relations department at GAZ already confessed that the current Volga models remains in production probably for two or maximum two and a half years. At that moment still two models are produced: 3102 (as a station 310221) and the 31105. the these cars are the two on.